Brain Aneurysm Foundation Ghana

Brain Aneurysm Foundation Ghana established in Accra in 2014 by Ms. Doris Yaa Osei, brain aneurysm survivor and  a group of professional who identified the need of creating awareness of brain aneurysm is registered under Ghana’s Companies Codes, 1963 (Act 179) and recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization by the Social Welfare Department with registration No. D.S.W./6351.The Foundation is an independent and nonprofit institution solely dedicated to providing critical awareness, education and support to reduce incidence of brain aneurysm ruptures and mortalities associated with the condition in Ghana.

Brain aneurysm also referred to as cerebral aneurysm or intra-cranial aneurysm is a weak bulging spot on the wall of a brain artery very much like a thin balloon or weak spot on an inner tube. Over time, the blood flow within the artery pounds against the thinned portion of the wall and aneurysms form silently from wear and tear on the arteries. As the artery wall becomes gradually thinner from the dilation, the blood flow causes the weakened wall to swell outward. This pressure may cause the aneurysm to rupture and allow blood to escape into the space around the brain.

The Facts
Brain aneurysms are a silent killer because most show no symptoms over time. Based on population the incidence of brain aneurysm in Ghana could be over 2,000 persons per annum. One hospital alone in the country recorded 43 deaths resulting from brain aneurysm in 2013. A ruptured brain aneurysm requires advanced neurosurgical treatment which is currently not available in Ghana. However, lives can be saved if people know the risks and signs of aneurysm and how to get help.

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